Create the World’s Yummiest Doughnut!

In 1926, Trausch Bakery from Dubuque, Iowa, launched the first doughnut making machine.

What is the VERY FIRST thing you think of when you read that sentence? I thought of the scene from the children’s book, Homer Price, by Robert McCloskey. The second thing I thought of was the OTHER Homer, Homer Simpson, whose survival depends on this sugary confection.

Writing exercises to choose from: 1. Write your favorite doughnut memory. Describe it, the circumstances, the actions, your feelings, the characters surrounding it. 2. Write a short story or poem featuring a doughnut or a bakery as an important element. 3. Create a new doughnut recipe! Think of a fabulous new name. Describe it! Create an ad campaign! Give the recipe. What makes your doughnut special?

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  1. Love these writing prompts – thanks!

  2. Mary Koehler says:

    Mrs. Schimming, who lived across the road from us when we were kids on the farm, made the best doughnuts we ever tasted! They were raised (made with yeast) doughnuts, very light and perfectly done. She put sugar on them or frosted them with brown sugar frosting. I made similar doughnuts when I was young but they were never as good as hers. There used to be a bakery in Milwaukeee named Militzer’s that had sugared doughnuts reminicent of Mrs. Schimming’s.

    • Pamela Melser says:

      My grandparent’s owned Militzer’s Bakery in Milwaukee! My favorite childhood memory was running around the bakery and eating chocolate donuts, and sugared jelly donuts.

      • lizbooks says:

        Oh, that is so cool! What terrific memories. My Wisconsin doughnut memories are of cruellers (spelling?) which you can’t find in California at all. My mouth waters even as I type this. Since I’m fasting for a yearly blood test right now, reading about your memory and thinking about mine has me fantasizing about doughnuts and starving!

      • Vicki Winnes says:

        My grandparents, Dorothy Schroeder and Helmuth Bremer, use to work at Militzer’s in Milwaukee. Any chance you still have the recipe for their German rye bread? My mom has been looking for YEARS for one that even comes close with no success. I would love to make her some if you would be willing to share the recipe.

        • lizbooks says:

          Oh, that sounds delicious. I will send your question on to my Milwaukee cousin who seems to know everyone and everything in that area. If we ever find the answer, I’ll post it! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if through the world of Internet connections we could find it? Thank you for sharing your question! Liz

  3. Bob Arango says:

    I grew up on 28th and Center or Fond du Lac Ave in Milwaukee in the 50’s. There was a bakery on Center St. or Fond du Lac Ave and I think it was a Militzer’s. They had the best jelly donuts, the raspberry filling was simply the best. I have never been able to find one as good. I wish I could find the recipe.

    • lizbooks says:

      I wish I would have gone there when I lived in Oconomowoc. You’re the second person who has mentioned Militzer’s Bakery! I know what you mean about those filled donuts though. I haven’t eaten any like those anymore either. I STILL haven’t found cruellers either. My cousin used to get some from a bakery in Jefferson and MAIL them to me but they don’t make them anymore either. Oh, Auntie Em, where are you? I think I’ll use your comment to spur food writing this week. Thanks for writing! Liz

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