Mysteries, villains, rats . . . oh my!

Happy Birthday Thacher Hurd! In celebration of this California author, check out his Mystery on the Docks.

1. Tough looking customers. Villainous rats. A kidnapping. These rats will stop at nothing. This describes Hurd’s book, but it COULD describe yours. Write your story, incorporating these elements.

2. Write a simple mystery for a child, in hard-boiled style. Think Maltese Falcon, detectives in raincoats and hats pulled down over their eyes . . .

Speaking of mysteries . . . if you are in middle school, you may like The Big Splash by Jack D. Ferraiolo, a mystery with a great voice and fast pacing. On the back cover: “Someone took down Nikki Fingers. The most feared squirt-gun assassin at Franklin middle school! Matt Stevens is on the case!”

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