Squirrel Obstacle Course and Animal Mania

Every morning, I have a ritual. As I feed my dog, make breakfast, and “tidy the kitchen” as my English neighbor would say, I commune with nature. Does that mean I gaze with rapture upon mother nature?

No. I lie in wait with my ammunition, a 7-11-sized glass filled with water. As soon as SQUIRREL lands on one of two hanging bird feeders in the front yard, I in my old blue bathrobe fly out of the front door, with water glass in hand.

It usually takes at least two of these attempts before I actually douse SQUIRREL. Next, he’ll actually stay on the ground and eat the seeds there. But if I miss – – the battle rages on.

Later in the day, when I eat lunch, he’ll visit me from his perch on a tree over the deck and chatter non-stop, nagging me in what I’m sure is unmentionable language for a squirrel.

Perhaps I should set up this in my yard?

Writing Prompts: 1. Write in the voice of the squirrel. What happens when he discovers an obstacle course? 2. How does a squirrel plan to get his next meal? How will he outsmart the humans around him? 3. Write in a person’s point of view of someone driven absolutely crazy by a VERY intelligent squirrel or other animal. 4. Write about a squirrel on a school campus. What happens?

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