Regarding Bread and Circuses

Can submissions be anonymous? From a blog reader

Good question! I would assume it can, but one should NEVER make assumptions about submissions. I will defer to editor Annelyse Gelman. Annelyse, can you answer this one for me here please? Liz

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  1. Fatima says:

    What is “bread and circuses”? And submissions to what?

  2. breadandcircuseszine says:

    Bread & Circuses is a new magazine published (for now) out of Orinda, California.
    You can learn a bit more and read the call for submissions on our temporary website here:

    Yes, submissions can be anonymous. You can either send us your work under a psuedonym, sign it “anonymous”, or give us your real name but ask us not to publish it (we won’t print it if you ask us not to).

    If you want to receive a copy of the zine, you should include your real street/mailing address, and we will send you one if your work is accepted.

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