The Powers of Observation

While our son was home over the winter break, the three of us went out to lunch.  As I buttered my bread, I fixated on a family a few tables away.  

“What are you staring at?” asked my husband, Bob. 

Without turning around, my son responded.  “She’s looking at cute little kids.”

“How do you know that?” asked Bob.

“Because of that goofy look on her face.  She always has that look whenever she sees babies or toddlers. She has another one for dogs.”

When Bob turned his body around and saw that Tofer was right, he shook his head in awe of him.

I wasn’t surprised at all.   Tofer’s one of those creative types.  Are you?  Do you notice details that others sometimes over look?  Find yourself picking up on tiny instances, observations, comments, or senses? 

Nurture this ability.  Observe people as though you were watching them as characters in a book or movie.  Listen to their dialogue and find out what is captivating about it?  When does it get boring?  When is it funny?  Don’t be obvious of course, unless in the case of looking at cute little kids or dogs.  (Then you can always tell the parents they have adorable babies or pups.)

Writing Prompts:

1.  Write a scene where details matter to the story/plot.

2.  Write a scene about where you were today. W hat do you remember about it?  Describe it in a slow-down-the-moment way.

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  1. Oh how do I LOVE that Tofer knows that about you?

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