April Fool’s Day Writing Ideas

Funny Writing Prompts:  1.  Write a story about an April Fool’s Day joke that backfired! 

A. Someone pulls a joke, but the people catch on and turn it around to “get” them!  or . . .

B.  The characters attempt a joke and they get caught.   How can it become humorous anyway?

C.  A character tries to pull a joke on a friend, and instead, the joke “hits” the principal, president, or another authority figure!

2.  Research April Fool’s Jokes or pranks in history.   (MIT, the college in Boston, is known for quite a few . . .)   Write about one or some of these. 

3.  Write a poem about a funny joke you have pulled or someone pulled on you.

4.  Write a personal experience story about the best joke you’ve ever experienced.  What happened?  How did it occur?

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