Need a writing idea?

You are poised with a pen over a blank sheet of paper . . . or your finger tips touch the keyboard.  But.  Nothing. 

Your mind is blank.   That ever happen to you?  No?  Then you are very lucky, brilliant, or you are not telling the truth.  If you are brimming with ideas and don’t need one, keep on writing what you’re writing.  Or if you’d like to challenge yourself and see if you can write on a topic – – snap – – for the fun of it – – then take a break from your regular writing project and try this one.  Can you do it? 

Scene:  The Wild West

Plot:  A Fish Out of Water  (Means someone doesn’t really belong there)  

Who gets “plopped” into the old-time wild west and why?  What’s it like for this character?  How dangerous can it be?  Increase the tension! Give your readers suspense!  Throw in some humor. 

Setting:  Give us some specific details so we’ll know we’re in the old wild west.  How does the air feel? What does it smell like?

Character:  Who is the protagonist/main character?  What does he or she want more than anything?  Make him/her work to get it!


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