Funny Friday

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?  Have anything embarrassing happen that later you realized was hysterical?  Tell a story to friends and you’re surprised when they laugh? 

1.  Brainstorm your funny memories.   To help you remember, go through photo albums, your diary or journal, or talk to friends and family. 

2.  Once you have your idea, write what happened just like you’d tell it to a friend.  Start at the beginning and write chronologically.  First this . . . then that. 

3.  Is there any way you can make this even MORE funny than it already is?  exaggerate it ?  Add emotion and tension?  Place your embarrassing moment in front of a crowd of people?  A time that puts more pressure on you?  (Before a big exam, on stage, in front of an important person, etc.)

4.  Slow-down-the-moment at the funniest time/most important challenging event.  Use your senses to make the reader feel we are there.   Put your thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions in the piece. 

5.  Read your story out loud.  Does the timing feel right?  Check your word choices.  Does each word work?  Each word belong there?

6.  Polish your piece until you’ve got your comedy rhythm right!

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