Wondering Wednesday

Do you worry about your writing?  The more we worry about a story or character, the easier it is to accidentally stop our creativity.  Instead of worrying about our writing, wonder about our plot, characters and word choices.

Think about your writing in the off-the-wall moments of your life.  Wonder about writing while you’re walking the dog, washing the dishes, and riding in the car.   Your best ideas will grab you at these times.  Wonder about your writing as you wake up from sleep.  You are relaxed and in your most imaginative frame of mind.

Writing Prompts

1.  Write a journal entry from a character in a story you are writing.  Or write a journal entry from a character you’ve read and enjoyed in another book.

2.  Try a form of writing you’ve never attempted before.   Yearn to haiku?  Going on a trip?  Create a travel piece.  Ever write a movie review?  It’s good practice to learn various types of writing.  You’ll discover ways to stretch yourself and might find a genre where you shine.

3.   Keep a wondering idea notebook for your wonderings.   Highlight your favorites and keep them handy when you are looking for an idea.

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  1. moonblue says:

    Some good ideas here. Thanks. Lately I have been getting good story ideas from reading newspaper headlines, especially ones where I don’t know what the real story is.

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