Writing Contest Age 13 and Up – Quiet Moments


To enter:

  • Describe a special quiet moment and email it to Jean.Thrift@hmhpub.com by May 15, 2010.
  • You can send us a drawing as an attached file as well, if you like, but please try to keep it under 40K.
  • If you’re affiliated with a bookstore, school, or library, be sure to let us know which one!
  • NOTE: You must be 13 or older to enter this drawing.

Here are some of your quiet moments:

“Walking to the beach in the early morning quiet.”—Beth, librarian, Norwich Public Library

“Before the public library first opens its doors in the morning.”—Susan, librarian, Dearborn Dept. of Libraries

“Skiing down an empty slope on a cold winter morning quiet.”—Sarah, reader

“Snow falling in the woods quiet.”—Vicki, librarian, Stark County District Library

“The moment between the asking and the YES.”—Wanda, Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

“Smelling my baby’s head quiet.”—Amy, librarian, Doyle Library

“Staring at the stars quiet.”—Nancy, bookseller, Unabridged Bookstore

“Power outage quiet.”—Jane, reader

“Watching the bookseller unlock the front door quiet.”—Carol, bookseller, Eight Cousins

“After the birthday party quiet.”—Joanna, reader

“First sip of tea quiet.”—Paula, bookseller, Covered Treasures Bookstore


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