Does a Personal Narrative Have to be Exciting?

I was wondering, does a personal narrative have to be about something exciting that happened in your life? Can it be something not that exciting, but still something that happened to me? It is a personal narrative after all, and I know that the name says it all, but just to make sure that there are no huge rules about them.
 A personal narrative could be about you looking at a butterfly and noticing something about that butterfly you never saw before and relating it to your life or the world in some way. 
The best personal narratives I have ever read are NOT particularly exciting, but they touch our souls.  A great narrative will be a special moment in time that has touched you and will touch the reader too.  
Many personal narratives are not exciting at all. Just let the reader feel like she or he is experiencing the moment or episode along with you. 
If you have any more questions feel free to ask. 
Good luck with your narrative!

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