Writing About Your Life . . . Will it Harm Others?

Are you interested in writing episodes of your life?  Working on a memoir?  Personal narratives? 

You must be willing to be honest.  What do you owe the other people in your life who will make appearances in your scenes? 

At the moment, I’m writing about how my life intersects with others.  As I read my aunt’s diary for research, one line changes everything. 

Do I include this in my story?  If I do, it alters perceptions. 

I pause.  It is true the people in my narrative have passed on.  But I do not want to cause hurt to anyone on this side or the other.

Yes, it is important to the storyline. 


We must choose our words carefully in our daily life and in our writing. 

Crash!  A dove has just flown into my office window.   The universe has sent me a message. 

Writing prompt:

Choose a moment from your life that has emotional meaning for you.  It can be funny or sad, small or large.  Write the scene using sensory description, dialogue, setting and your feelings.  Set it aside for a few days and then come back to it.  Can you recall any other details you may have left out that are important to the story?  Do you have a journal  you can check which may refresh your memory?  Anyone that was there who might provide insights to the moment in time?


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  1. Joanne says:

    Amazing how the sharing of one person’s memory can evoke more of the same in others. Another reason to think about the ripple effect of what we put out there.

    Doves are monogamous, mating for life. A solitary dove attended the reception following my mother-in-law’s funeral and my “second dad” took great comfort from its presence. He was certain the carnate symbol of peace had come to deliver a message of solace. I hope your messenger bird “shook it off” and flew away to enjoy the day. Joanne

  2. Liz says:

    What a lovely visit this symbol from the universe gave you and your family on this day, Joanne. And a fitting one to my day, too, as “mating for life” fits my aunt as she was a nun and cherished it forever as well.
    Thank you for writing.

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