Twist a Movie Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce

A friend told me while listening to NPR, there was something on Twitter where people were taking movie titles and making them sound boring.

Examples: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington State

A Streetcar Named Mild Interest

Singing in the Shower

So I tried it. How about:

The King and Liz

The Princess Toiletries.

Pulp Orange Juice.

One Fluttered Over the Bird’s Twig

To Swat A Mockingbird

Dial M for Milktoast

The So-So Years of Our Lives

Shawshank Perspiration

Some Like it Luke Warm

12 Discontented Men

The Wizard of Fresno

Writing Prompts:

1. You try it. It’s fun!
2. Choose one of the titles you’ve created or one of the titles above and write a story, script or poem to match. It could be a spoof or whatever you want it to be.
3. Create another art form for the title. What medium will you choose?

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