Writing, Reading, and Publishing Cycles

Have you ever noticed life is made up of cycles? I’m not talking about the seasons of the year, but of good-things-happen-to-you and bad-things-happen-to-you cycles. This past week the universe presented me with a good cycle.

I met an editor regarding a project I’ve worked on for the past couple of years. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. No contract yet, so I’m not announcing anything specific but it feels right. Two days later an editor called from a literary magazine letting me know my short essay will run in their December issue.

Yesterday I discovered I will become a grand-aunt. Now the only better news would be if the grand-niece or grand-nephew could convince her/his parents to move to Northern California so I can bond and babysit. Then it would be a FABULOUS cycle, indeed. But I’m getting greedy, aren’t I?

Do you ever notice your writing may endure cycles, too? There are some days, weeks and even months when creative ideas and words just fly onto the screen or page. Then. There. Are. Others. It’s. Like. Pulling. Gum. Out. Of. A. Toddler’s. Hair.

I even have reading cycles. During high school and college, when reading for school was all I could handle, skimming a no-brain magazine was all I could handle. As a teacher I read books my students would love, and would sneak in an adult book or two on a weekend.

Now I read a little bit of everything. Children’s. Adult. Fiction. Nonfiction. But in the latest few week cycle, I haven’t read anything impressive. However, a few books have been gifted to me that look enticing. My new reading cycle is promising.

Writing Prompts:

1. Write about a past or present cycle in your life. How have you dealt with it?

2. List ways you handle the negative cycles and turn them into positives.

3. Write a poem, essay or short story using the word cycle to inspire you.

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