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5th Grade Story Contest for San Francisco Bay Area Students

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

5th Grade Story Contest

Every spring the Berkeley Branch holds a story contest for Bay Area Fifth Graders.

The Berkeley Branch of the 102-year-old California Writers Club is proud to sponsor the

26th Annual 5th Grade Story Contest

A Contest for 5th Grade Students in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Award Certificates and Prizes up to $500

Deadline: March 15, 2012

Teachers in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties are invited to submit one story per student by any number of students. The entry fee is $1 per submission. Entry fees and donations help the club to offer this contest.

Award Certificates and Prizes:

  • $100 for the best short story written by a fifth-grade student in Alameda or Contra Costa County;
  • $75 for Second Place;
  • $50 for Third Place; and, depending on number of entries,
  • up to 12 Fourth Place prizes of $20.

We will honor the teacher of the grand-prize winner with a cash award of $50. Teachers are entitled to submit an unlimited number of entries.

Contest Rules:

  1. Only teachers may submit entries; entries from students or parents are not accepted.
  2. Stories must be original and the student’s own work.
  3. Only one entry per student may be submitted; teachers may submit any number of entries.
  4. Entries may not exceed 1,000 words in length.
  5. Mail on or before March 15, 2011 to:  Story Contest, 560 San Luis Road, Berkeley CA 94707
  6. Entries cannot be returned.
  7. Names of entrants (first name and last initial) may be posted on the comments  of this page on receipt.
  8. All participants are invited to the awards ceremony in June, date TBA.

Names of the winners will be announced by May 15th in local newspapers and on our website.

CWC may publish stories for educational purposes only.

Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 2, 2012.

We suggest teachers consult,, or other guides to elements of the short story, to help students produce their best work.

Preparation of Entries:

  • Stories must be typed and printed on one side only of standard white 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper.
  • Please, no fancy paper, covers, or artwork.
  • First page must include title of the story and the word count.
  • Do not write the author’s name or other identification anywhere on the story.
  • On a separate sheet print clearly:  1) Title of story 2) Student’s name 3) Teacher’s name
    4) Teacher’s email 5) School name and address.  (This sheet will be removed during judging.)

The contest will be judged by California Writers Club members through a process known as “blind reading.” This means the judges will not know the name or school of the author of the story.

For more information see

K-8 Student Writing Contest: Scholastic Kids Are Authors!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Guidelines   Deadline:  March 15, 2012


Entries must be written in picture book format for both fiction and nonfiction books.
Make sure the text complements the artwork.
Keep text pages separate from illustration pages. The text and illustrations will be combined in the pre-printing stage for the winning books. See format for submissions below.
Before mailing your submission, make sure the pages of your book are in the proper order and number the pages lightly on the back.


Do not use trademarked, brand-name items, or licensed characters and products. (Mickey Mouse, Snickers, McDonald’s, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, etc.). The right to use such names is protected by law.
You can create artwork using, paints, inks, crayons, markers, original computer graphics, cut paper, and print processes (such as linoleum block, silk screen, sponge painting, potato stamping, etc.).
To maintain a constant look, it is best not to use too much variation in the media.
Use bright, vibrant colors and bold lines to create reproducible illustrations that make a strong overall impression. In general, pencil drawings are not recommended.
Create illustrations that fill most of the page by centering and enlarging the subject or including an appropriate background. Do not use newspaper print as a background.
Consider making use of contrast in the artwork to create surprise and add life to pictures. Put dark colors next to light colors, thin lines next to thick lines, or use sharply contrasting figures.

Format for Submissions

In order for your entry to be submitted into the contest, you must follow the required format for entries.
All entries must contain illustrated artwork and be received in its original format.
Three-dimensional artwork (pop-ups, flaps, movable parts, plasticine, etc.) will not be accepted.
Artwork may be computer generated only if it is the students’ original creation.
Use one side of the page only. Keep text separate from illustrated artwork.
Artwork and text must be separate. A mock-up should also be included.
Text may be typed, computer generated, or handwritten.
Both text and artwork must be the sole creation of the students.
Based on your design, use either 8 ½” x 11″ or 9″ x 12″ paper (we recommend that you submit your illustrations on quality paper or construction paper).
Do not staple, laminate, or bind the book.

Steps to Organize and Submit Your Entry

1. Organize original artwork in page order (mark page number on back) and place in a folder or envelope. Do not bind the pages.
2. Organize text pages in page order and number on the back to correspond with illustration page. Place in a folder or envelope. Do not bind the pages.
3. Provide cover art and a dedication page. These will not be counted as part of the page count.
4. A mock-up is intended to show how you want your book to look in its final form. Use photocopies of your original artwork and text to create your mock-up. Photocopies may be in black and white or color. Place bound mock-up in a folder or envelope.
5. Include the completed Entry Form. (PDF)
6. Send all of the above in a sturdy folder or box to the address listed on the entry form.
7. Each entry must be submitted separately following the above steps.
8. Remember that the entry should be the students’ work only. Try to limit inserting your opinions. Your role is to offer guidance, mediate, and provide instruction and examples of story elements, such as plot, theme, character development, and setting.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can an entry be submitted by one student?
No. Each entry must be submitted by a group of 3 or more students. This contest was designed to encourage students to work together as a team. Collaborating as a team helps provide a natural environment to practice editing, teamwork, and communication skills.

Does the title page, dedication page, or picture of the group count as part of the 21-29 pages required?
No. Just the story – illustrations and text.

What do you mean by submitting the artwork and text separately?
If your pages have text on or over the illustrations, each must be submitted separately. Mark the back of each page, i.e. page 1 of text goes on page 1 of illustrations. Prepare a mock-up by making a color or black and white copy to show how you want the final product to look.

When are the entries due?
All entries must be postmarked by March 15, 2012 to be eligible for the 2012 Competition.

Do we send in the entry form separate from the entry?
No. Each entry must have an entry form attached to it. The signature of the parent or guardian signature of each student participating in the entry must be submitted. Copies may be made of the entry form.

Does the project coordinator have to be a teacher?
No. A librarian, teacher’s aide, or parent can be the project coordinator. The project coordinator assures that the entry adheres to the rules and regulations and that the spelling and grammar are correct. The story and illustrations must be the students’ work.

Can the team consist of different grade levels?

How many entries can one school send?
There is no limit, but each entry must be done in groups of 3 or more students.

Will I be notified when my entry is received?
Entrants will receive a letter of acknowledgement and a certificate of participation by April 15.

Will I be notified when the winner is selected?
Yes, by May 31 we will announce the winners for the contest by sending a postcard to everyone who has submitted an entry. RESULTS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE.

How can I purchase the Kids Are Authors books?
The Kids Are Authors books are $4.99 and can be purchased at a Scholastic Book Fair near you or from our School Resource Catalog by calling 1-800-799-7323. Some past winners may be out of print.

For more information and specific guidelines visit:

Contest Countdown is here!

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Attention Contra Costa County Middle School Students!  Today is March 20 and your short stories, poems and personal narratives are due POSTMARKED on April 1.    The best part about this contest is NO ONE TELLS YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD WRITE!  There is no theme.  You don’t have to write about what you did on your summer vacation, who your role model is, or why you love broccoli.  You can write about whatever YOU choose!  AND you can enter as many times as you like!  In as many categories.  Just follow the guidelines.  

In addition to the prizes listed, we award many honorable mentions.  Go for it!  What do you have to lose?   Have fun writing! 

California Writers Club Young Writers Contest Guidelines 2011

 California Writers Club, Mt. Diablo Branch, Contra Costa County


Honoring a New Generation of California Writers

     See for contest information



Home Address_________________________________________________

Number   &  Street                  City                                             Zip

Home Phone_____________________E-mail Address________________



First and Last Name of your English (Creative Writing)


Manuscript Title__________________________________

MANUSCRIPT CATEGORIES (please check one):

_____ Short Story (up to 5 pages typed, double-spaced)

_____ Poem (up to 30 lines, can be single or double-spaced)

_____ Personal Narrative/Essay (up to 3 pages, typed, double-spaced)

Mail submissions to:  Young Writers Contest, California Writers Club, PO Box 606, Alamo, CA  94507

DON’T MISS OUT:  Only entries that follow the guidelines EXACTLY will be considered!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CONTEST GUIDELINES:

1. Contest open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who live in or attend school in Contra Costa County.

2. Submit 2 copies of your manuscript. Do not include artwork or a cover. Your manuscript must be typed or computer generated at 12 point, double-spaced. No staples. Paper clips only.

3. Put your name in the upper left-hand corner of each page. Number each page.  Put manuscript title on the first page.

4. Multiple entries are welcome.  Each entry must be accompanied by a separate application form (above) or 3×5 card noting: name; home address; home phone; school; grade; e-mail address; teacher; manuscript title; and category.

5. Deadline:  Manuscripts must be postmarked by April 1, 2011. Winners will be announced when judging is complete.


­_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

PRIZES: Winning short stories and poems from each grade level will receive $100 for first prize, $50 for second prize and $25 for third prize. The Betty Tenney Essay Award of $100 will be given to the best personal narrative/essay in each grade. Second and third place prizes may be awarded in this category at the judges’ discretion. Prizes will be presented to winners on May 21, 2011, at a lunch banquet. A published author will speak. Parents are welcome.

TEACHERS: We are striving to encourage individual creativity and expression. Do not send entire class assignments. Teachers of winning students will be invited to attend the May 21 banquet.

Story Contest for Kids under 19 Years Old

Friday, March 18th, 2011
Enter Totem Head’s Contest to get your story published on!
The contest in a nutshell:
What :  ”Totem Head’s 2011 Story Contest”

Who :  The contest is open to US residents under 19 years old.
Note to parents :  If your child cannot write yet, you may type their words for them.

Give a gift and
support our free contest!
Categories :
1. Ages 9 and under
2. Ages 10-12
3. Ages 13-15
4. Ages 16-18
Deadline:   Dec. 31, 2011
Prizes :
One winner from each category will receive the following prizes.
1. Publication on
2. $50 cash
3. Certificate of Achievement

Judging :  Adventure Write will choose one winner from each category based on:
1. Suitability for the Adventure Write Kid’s website
2. Entertainment and Creativity
3. Spelling, grammar and punctuation

How to Enter :
1. Finish Totem Head’s Tutorial.
2. Write a story in 1500 words or less.  Make your story appropriate for kids.  The first sentence should start with “So there I was”.
3. Fill out a Contest Entry Form
4. Scan and email your Contest Entry Form
5. Type your story directly into the body of your email, or attach it to your email as a Microsoft Word or a .txt file.   (That’s a file created using the Notepad program.)
6. Email your submission to:   [email protected]
7. If you prefer, you may send your submission(s) through the mail to:

Adventure Write – Story Contest
P.O. Box 113074
Anchorage AK 99511-3074

Important Tips :
1. Save a stamp!  You may send multiple entries in one envelope.
2. Ask someone to proofread your story for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
3. Get feedback on your story from a friend, parent or teacher before penning your final draft.

Please note :  All submissions become the property of Adventure Write, and we cannot return them.

Winner Notification :  Adventure Write will notify winners via email and snail mail in Feb 2012.  We’ll post the winning stories on no later than 28 Feb 2012.

Visit this site to download the form and complete the tutorial, which shows easy steps to your story:

Colonial Essay Contest! Grades 5 – 8 Contra Costa County

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

 Celebrate America’s History!

Are you in 5th through 8th grade? 

You’re invited to participate in an…

   Essay Contest

 Topic:  Memoirs of Paul Revere

 In celebration in 2010 of the 275th anniversary of the birth of Paul Revere, pretend you are Paul Revere writing your memoirs.  Relate various accomplishments for which you wish to be remembered in the annals of American history.

 Open to Grades 5-8

Length:  300 – 1,000 words (depending on grade level)

Essays Due :  November 30, 2009

 To:  Leslie A. Pfeifer, American History Chairman, Daughters of the American Revolution

Anne Loucks Chapter

[email protected]

Essay is to be handwritten in black ink, typed, or prepared on a computer or word processor using black type in non-script font no smaller than 12 point or larger than 14 point. 

All of the essay must be the student’s original work.  Each essay must have a title page listing the following:

Title of Essay:  “Memoirs of Paul Revere”

(A subtitle is permitted if written below the topic.)

Contestant’s full name and address.  If the school’s regulations prohibit providing the student contact information, then school contact information may be substituted. 

Contestant’s telephone number (with area code) and e-mail address, if available.

Name of contestant’s school with grade level.

Name of sponsoring DAR chapter

Number of words in essay

Essay must have a bibliography listing all references utilized.  Internet resources, if used, should be cited in similar format to that used for printed resources.  Add the electronic address used to access the document as supplementary information.  Any essay with information copied directly from sources without using quotes will be disqualified.  

**To be eligible for this contest, students must live and go to school (or be homeschooled)  in Contra Costa County.  Questions?  Contact Leslie at the above e-mail address.  You may also email her your essay before November 30, 2009.  Good luck!



TEENS – Frequent Contests Here!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Win free books at the above site by sending in your writing to their contests.  Have fun!

Contra Costa Middle School Students – Enter Our Contest! $$

Monday, January 18th, 2010

It’s a rainy day here in Northern California.  Kids have the day off of school.  What to do?  Take out a sheet of paper or write on your computer.  Try your hand at a poem, a story, or a personal story about YOU.    Then enter it in our Young Writers Contest.  (Guidelines at lower right) 

Let’s talk about the poetry category in today’s blog.  

What should I write about? 

What do you like to do?  How do you like to spend your time?  Do you play an instrument?  Enjoy a sport?  Spend time with friends? Shop till you drop?  Turn your passion into print.  Contrary to popular belief, poems do not have to rhyme.  

Print out the poetry tips, also at the right, to help you when you’re working on the second or third draft of  your poem. 

What are you trying to say about your subject?  Be specific.  If you are writing about how you love your car, make sure we know the car so well we can see it and know how it feels to ride in it.  If it’s about your dog, make sure we know her intimately through your choice of words. 

And speaking of words, Cut any and all unnecessary ones.  After all, a poem isn’t just prose put in poetry form.  Every word in a poem must be there for a reason.  If not, cut it out.  (Each line doesn’t even have to be a complete sentence.)

Read your poem out loud.  Does it sound right?  If your poem has a natural “rhythm,” congratulations!  You did your job!