Why Workshop?

One wanna-be writer asked me why I was attending a poetry workshop when I had no intention of ever writing a poetry book or becoming a world-renown poet. 

Apply what the author/editor says to your own specific writing and manuscripts.  How can the poetry/plot/character techniques strengthen your opening paragraph/scene/chapter? 

Sometimes you aren’t ready for advice at one moment of your career but later when you internalize the technique apply it to paper,  you feel that “ah-ha” moment.  Click.

Reading is terrific, hearing is great.  But writing after you’ve experienced the first two,  is the best yet.  In a workshop different modalities work together,  your creative process internalizes. 

So when you feel like you’re in a funk, your writing isn’t as fresh as it should be, take a writing class or workshop.   The author above, David Corbett, received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist. 

Go for it.  Stretch your writing.  Grow!

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