Writing Camps/Workshops for Kids

Summer Writing Camps/Workshops for Kids 
 College for Kids    Grades 4 – 9    Pleasant Hill & San Ramon    
Classes offered include creative writing, cartooning, drawing and photography.
Pleasant Hill Recreation Department    
Elementary &  Middle School
Contra Costa Libraries         
Occasional Morning or Afternoon Writing Workshops  
Elementary Through High School        (See Upcoming Events Page)
Iowa Young Writers’ Studio http://www.uiowa.edu/~iyws/tableofcontents.htm 
High School Students who have completed their sophomore year (or older)
Stanford’s EPGY   http://epgy.stanford.edu/summer/highschoolprogram.html
High School Students may choose from a variety of subjects.  The EPGY program also has a program for elementary and middle school students during the year.   Play around on this site to find more information about it.  My son took this program for math when he was in elementary school and it was terrific! 

Grades 3 – 8 Summer Writing Camps
Berkeley Writing Camp 10 – 12th grades
Diablo Valley College for Kids   Grades 4 – 9

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