Your Deep, Inner Wish . . .

In the July/August issue of Unity Magazine, there was an experience where a teacher’s aide in the Arizona prison system gave an essay topic for students to prepare for their GED. Their recent topic was “If you could have one wish, what would it be?”

You might think the prisoners would write about wishing to get out of prison. No.
One had a two-year-old daughter who is with foster parents, and he said his wish was to hear his daughter on the phone. The aide told him she wouldn’t be able to say much at age two. The prisoner replied, “I just want to hear the sound of her voice.”

What is your wish? Not a “million dollars” or “go to Europe trip” wish. What is your deeper wish and why? It can be simple or more complex. It can be a paragraph or longer. But speak from your heart.

Care to share it with someone?

Special thanks to the writer of the article, and aide of that prison, Charles “Tom” Brown.

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