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As a high school and college student, one of my part-time jobs was working in a library. After college graduation, I took jobs behind the check-out counters at local libraries during summers when I wasn’t teaching. So I’ve had a love of libraries and books, old and new, for quite a long time.

Every year, I know there is a painful time when libraries must weed their shelves of books due to lack of space. In my current town, there is a lovely give-away adventure in the parking lot. My shelves are filled with such treasures.

Below is a site of some books that were published and perhaps NEED to be taken off the shelves now . . .

I especially like the book KNITTING WITH DOG HAIR. Since my non-shedding Yorkie’s dog fur is now rolling across the floor at an alarming rate, it occurs to me that I might make use of this in a creative way . . .

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