Amazing Detail!

Watch the video of this incredible guy!  Wow. 

As writers, we should be noticing details during our daily lives.  Pay attention to the sights and sounds around you.  What does the air feel like against your skin?  Notice all of your senses at various times and situations.  Jot down notes when of fascinating moments that make you think, feel, or laugh.

Our memory may not be as acute as the young man in the video, nor will we be illustrating through drawing, but  recapture specifics in words. 

Writing prompt:

Today, take five minutes and notice details around you.  Slow-down-the-moment.  Describe every sense you have.   Instead of describing LARGE (everything around you), try going small.  Choose one specific item/object/animal/person to focus on.  

1. Write all you can write about this tree/flower/dog/cookie/grandpa/etc. you can, using your specific senses. 

2. If you have words like wonderful, nice, lovely, pretty, in your description, cross them out.  Replace them with concrete nouns or active verbs.  

You’ve celebrated Poetry Month by writing as specific as you can.  You may use this to craft a poem or as a portion of another piece of writing.

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