Of Yacking Squirrels and Squawking Jays

As I read in my easy chair, with Zoie asleep in my lap,  the squirrel I talk to all the time jumped off of our roof, rushed onto the tree that overlaps our deck, and chattered wildly at me, tail twitching and flailing all the while.  

Zoie awoke, jumped off of my lap.  Worry spread over her face; her eyes were full of sadness.  “Get up, Mom!” she seemed to say.

 With a sigh, I obeyed and headed for the kitchen window.  There, on the bird feeder, perched ANOTHER squirrel, chomping away on the bird’s seeds.    

“What do you think you’re doing?” I said to him, running outside and flailing MY arms about.  He lit out and the yacking squirrel in the back yard shut up.   

I came back inside, repositioned myself in my comfy chair, and picked up my book again.  Zoie curled back into my lap for another nap.   As I submersed myself back into the world of fiction, several blue jays flew onto the tree and squawked in tandom.

“What is going on out there with the animals?” asked my husband. 

I said, “Bob they’re telling me that the squirrel is back on their feeder.  Go chase him off.” 

Sure enough.   Bob disciplined the naughty animal, and as soon as  the misbehaving little guy jumped down, the jays zipped their beaks.  

Just gotta recognize the early animal warning system.

Writing Prompts:

1.  When have you interacted with nature?  What happened?  Describe it.  How did you feel?

2.  Create an opportunity to communicate with wildlife.  Write about your experience.

3.  Create a fictional world with animals as the main characters.

4.  Create a short story or poem with an animal as a character or inciting incident for the plot. 

5.  Write about an animal memory from your past.  Recreate details and senses to make your readers feel like they are there.

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