Publishing in Magazines

Which magazines would you recommend most to publish short stories?

This is an excellent question, and although it was sent in by a teenager, the answer is the same whether you are a teen or an adult.  Visit your public library or independent bookstore where you can actually study the magazines.  Why type of stories do they print?  Does your style and voice match what they are looking for?  Stop by their website.  Read their guidelines carefully.  Does your story fit them?  If not, can you write one that would?

Do you like their publication?  If you would avidly seek them out to read, then your writing may be a good fit for them. 

As to which is easier to get published in, I know Stone Soup gets a LOT of submissions.  It’s like Reader’s Digest in the adult world.  However, I do know teens who have been published in Teen Ink and Creative Kids.  Just this past month a high school student and previous California Writers Club Young Writers Contest winner won a Scholastic competition.   So if you take the risk, keep writing and get yourself out there, stuff happens!

Read.  Write.  Be willing to edit.   Markets for young people are at the right of this blog under PAGES.


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