Of Wishes, Rain, and People We Miss

It’s raining!  I can’t believe it.  Zoie Dog is getting plenty of “good sniffs” as she sleeps and wanders in front of our screened deck door.  When faced with lack of water, we appreciate how valuable it is.  Its gentle pitter patter reminds me of the gentleness of my dad.  Dad’s quiet sense of humor seemed magnified when he moved out to California after my mom died.  My dad’s hugs, spiritual reverence, and avid love of all things sports were contagious.  Even I, no sports fiend, still feel his excitement when the Giants or Packers win. In moments like those, I talk to my dad, knowing deep in my soul he hears me. Elmer Koehler 1948   My mom and I were even closer, talking about religion, politics, recipes and more.  I miss her sense of humor and empathy most.   She and Dad lived in Wisconsin while I was in California.  Phone conversations did well at bridging the gap, but I did wish they’d move out near us.  Many times I find myself wishing I could call to ask her opinion or share a special moment.  What would Mom do?   I ask myself.   So I think my thoughts to her, feeling she too, listens. Helen Harnik 1940's I love the moments when Mom and Dad visit me in dreams.  These are vivid images, where my sense of smell is sharpened. When Mom brought me flowers in one dream, their scent followed me through my day.  When they hug me, I feel them after I wake.  At first I thought my imagination provided these scenes, but when they predict the future and it comes true, I feel their reality. While Dad was alive, Mom would begin an action and thought in Dad’s dream and finish it in mine.  The universe is connected.  I’m comforted by that thought as I listen to the peaceful rain, a small miracle in our drought-ridden land. Writing Prompts:

  1.  Write a scene where you or your character interacts with weather.   Show the protagonist’s thoughts and values through internal and external dialogue and action.
  2. Dig back into your past.  Write a scene where you were impacted by weather in some way.
  3. Do any of your characters need to deal with loss?  How do they show their emotions?
  4. Write about a loss you have faced.
  5. Loss inspires good actions.  How have you seen this to be true?

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