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Does your pet think it’s human?

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Why but of course.  Doesn’t every pet? 

Have you ever said, “Sometimes I think Fluffy (or Scruffy or Sir Elrod) thinks he’s human because . . . ”

The Contra Costa Times would love to hear your story.  Tell them why in 150 words or less.  Make sure to include your full name, your pet’s name, city of residence and a daytime phone number.  E-mail submissions to [email protected] (put “pet submission” in the subject line) or mail them to Ann Tatko-Peterson, Bay Area News Group, P.O. Box 5088, Walnut Creek, CA  94596-1088.  Deadline:  Dec. 10.  Story will run in early January.

Check the Contra Costa Times Pleasant Hill/Martinez Record

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Today the winners of the California Writers Club Young Writers Contest have an article in the Pleasant Hill/Martinez Record which is inside the Contra Costa Times. It means that throughout the week, it may also be in other “inserts” of other cities. (I think Concord and Walnut Creek is on Thursday, right?)