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Missing that ZING! in your life?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

For the past few weeks, I’ve been immersed in a photo project.  Removing pictures from albums, scanning and numbering them haven’t been creative for me.  I’ve felt dulled, going through the motions but lacking that special zing.

A few days ago I met with my writing group. Surrounded by imagination, I felt that energy returning.  Zing! What a difference it made to my day.

So now, although I’m still getting past family photos in order, I’m reserving some time every day for writing.  Funny how after years of being a writer, I needed this reminder to myself.  Seek that deeper layer and all will be well.

Last week, I met with a friend who has been going through emotional trauma.  While walking on the beach, she took a photo of a fire.

Cross in Fire

“They were burning a cross?” I asked her, puzzled.

“No, Liz.  There WAS no cross,” she said.


“You’re surrounded by spiritual love,” I told her

“I know,” she said.

Seek your other layer.  When you find it, honor it every day.


Writing Prompts:

1.  As you rush through your day, through work, commuting, household chores, and activities, schedule minutes to discover the deeper you.  Write stories, poems, create art.

2.  Honor your spirituality.  Give gratitude every day.   Provide a random act of kindness and see how it makes you feel.

3.  Search into your past for memories.  Write about how they’ve influenced you.  Use humor and story to give shape to your life.

4.  Appreciate others’ creative works.  Read, visit a museum, and an art show.  Let these ways broaden your own projects.