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Headline Humor

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Today on the Internet, these headlines caught my eye:

Man Once Thought Dead Arrested

Actress Criticized for Stage Debut

Time Out Problems for Super Nanny


Questions popped into my mind.   Why did they arrest the man?  Did he fake his death?  Hide out?  Disappear in a complicated scheme?  Or was it a case of mistaken identity? 

What about the actress?   What outrageous behavior on stage prompted criticism?  What made her do it?  How did she get on stage?  Was it a long and hard climb to her acting job?

Why was the nanny called a super nanny?  What kind of kids were under her care?

Each of these titles could become a movie, depending upon how the story is handled.  Each of them could be a short story or a poem or a piece of art work.  It’s your choice.   You may choose to create any piece of writing in any style or genre. 

If these titles don’t inspire you, open the newspaper, magazine, or click on your computer screen for another title.  Write your OWN version of what could follow.