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Enhance Your Writing with Humor: Dogs and Cats, Oh My!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 

According to the Humane Society of the United States, pet ownership has grown dramatically since the 1970s.  Three times as many homes have pets today than forty years ago.  With the proliferation of pets in our lives, owners spend big bucks taking care of them.  Americans spent more than $50 billion on them in 2012, claim the American Pet Products Association. 

Which is why books, stories and articles about dogs and cats sell well. 

Author Bennett Cerf once said, “If writers want the sure road to success, for heaven’s sake, write something that will make people laugh.”

Combine sought-after humor with pets  and imagine the popularity! Humor’s basic premisses are contrast and surprise.  Placing two unlike things together create a funny juxtaposition. Employing the idea of opposites — two unlike characters interacting, laughs abound. 

Writing Prompts:

1.  Watch the video and let it inspire you to write about these animals together.  Write a scene from the dog’s point of view and then the cat’s.  Next, get into the owner’s head.   

2.  Write an announcer’s narration for this video.

3.  Choose another method of creativity to communicate the result of your #1 writing prompt. 

4.  If you’re a pet owner, pick up your camera and discover humorous moments with your animals.  Allow them to excite  you to for creating other works of art.

Mailman and Cats, Oh My!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


Watch the humorous video below.  After you stop laughing, write this scene from the point of view of the mailman.  Then write it from the point of view of the cat.   It may be more difficult that it looks.   Sometimes describing actions while communicating humor isn’t easy. 



Write Funny!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Do you like reading funny stuff?  Most people do.  Humor sells because we like to be taken away from our problems and be entertained!  

How does it work?  When you laugh at something that happens to you, write it down.  Try and figure out why you laughed.  What tickles your funny bone the most often?  Is it physical humor when someone gets hit with a pie or trips on a banana peel?  Or is it more subtle than that?  When someone says one thing and does the exact opposite?

Watch these funny animal clips.  Which ones are the most humorous to you?  Why?  

Then begin a humor story, poem or personal narrative (essay about something true that really happened to you).  Slow down the moment with details to make us feel like we’re really there.  When you’re finished, read it aloud.  Can you make it MORE funny?  Sometimes it’s all about the timing.  You have to hear the difference by reading it out loud.  It may mean cutting some details or adding others.  Have fun writing funny!