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Check the Contra Costa Times Pleasant Hill/Martinez Record

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Today the winners of the California Writers Club Young Writers Contest have an article in the Pleasant Hill/Martinez Record which is inside the Contra Costa Times. It means that throughout the week, it may also be in other “inserts” of other cities. (I think Concord and Walnut Creek is on Thursday, right?)

Honorable Mentions for Young Writers Contest

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

















Honorable Mention Winners

Short Story
6th Grade
Traded  Mizarahy Aquino Park Middle
Why Cheetahs Do Not Have Much Stamina    Anthony Chen  Gale Ranch
The Dare Anthony Chen Gale Ranch
The Last Shot Amanda Chun Pine Valley
Punishers Mimi Evans Gale Ranch
Cloaks, Wiis, and Coffee    Timothy Deng Gale Ranch
The Thin Mirror Glass Alexander Felix Park Middle
Out of Time Rubina Gala Gale Ranch
Kelsey the Beginning Christian Gianni Martinez Jr. High
Damian’s Mark Colleen M. Gill Christ the King
Whispers in the Hallway Clarina He St. Perpetua
My Valley Liya Khan Gale Ranch
When Johnny Comes Marching   Joy Koonin  North Creek Academy
Blue Eyes Elora McCutcheon Park Middle
Delinquent Jack Madigan Christ the King
The Magical Coin Lena Milton Tehiyah Day
Picture Perfect Zhill Olonan Adams Middle
The Brass Hallways Zhill Olonan Adams Middle
Silence Cassidy Amber Vaughn Christ the King
Jamey’s Hope Ariana VonEnrenkrook Above & Beyond Academy
7th Grade
Ashes to Ashes   Mia Camille Miculob Orinda Intermediate
Life After the Tragedy  Kaylee Fagan Queen of All Saints
Americans Talk Quickly  Raia Cherednikov Valley View
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle  Liam Kelly Orinda
The Journey  Kevin Lu Valley View
The Ocelot: A Mayan Story     Krithik Puthalath Windemere Ranch 
The Tree Prince    Ailan Evans Joaquin Moraga
8th Grade
The Dreamer Sarah Alford   Orinda
Waiting for the Cry Sasha Batz-Stern Tehiyah Day
Traitor Anthony Chan  Windemere Ranch
Night Music Stella Chua Pine Valley
The Walking Shadow Emmet Francis Martinez Junior High
Longing for Life Samantha Hebing North Creek Academy
Zapatos Magicos Juan Morena Sequoia Middle
Shanghaied Sailor Briana Pearsall North Creek Academy
The Little Wolf Ruth Spekner Royal Oaks Academy
Personal Narrative/Essays
6th Grade
Untitled             Timothy Deng Gale Ranch
Red Roses          Mia Cheverz Iron Horse
Untitled              Victoria Lu ?
Mia Lauren Burns Pleasant Hill Middle
Riding Rapids     Rubina Gala Gale Ranch 
7th Grade
A Near Dunk in the Water     Mikayla Flicek Gale Ranch 
When I got Leland Out          Joey Mediati Joaquin Moraga
The Lost Child                       Sara Poston Diablo View
The Day New York City Stood Still: My Story     Alexis Zwahlen ?
Stars in the Meadow              Waverly Runion Diablo Vista 
Rocha                                     Haley Morucci Diablo View
Running the Mile                  Sejal Jain  Gale Ranch
Eighth Grade
Guilty Pleasure     Mina Nayeri Pine Valley
The Big Lebowski and Me       Arash Ehya Windrush
Not the Way to Start     Jennifer Preciado Riverview
Traditions Never Die, They Just Get Funnier     Dominic Aliotti St. Agnes
The Ice Cream Fell Off the Cone     Emily Galloway St. Agnes
A Night to Remember     Cassie Naughton Dorris-Eaton
To Sing or Not to Sing    Makaela Williams Martinez
A Hug of Care  William John Rhodes William John Rhodes
Dazzle Me!      Madison Peters St. Agnes
An Unbreakable Bond     Lucy Li  Iron Horse
6th Grade
The Rainbows Cece Alter Tehiyah Day
Heaven Kate Menefee Christ the King
Inability Chloe Chan Pine Valley
Fall Composition Chloe Chan Pine Valley
Missing Grace Howard Walnut Creek 
Picket Fence Paul S. Cook Valley View
Memories Liya Khan Gale Ranch
The Rock Paul S. Cook  Valley View
7th Grade
Escaping Out the Back Door Eleana Binder Tehiyah Day
Nine Ways of Looking at a Mirror Eleana Binder Tehiyah Day
The Questioning Mind Fatima Naveed Walnut Creek
Hiroshima  Caitlin Kloess Windrush
Jodileen’s Dream Katherine Smith Valley View
There’s No Place I’d Rather Be  Elia Chauqui-Schmida Windrush
Trophies Noah Baker Tehiyah Day
Brat Claude Jonathan Ng Athenian
A New Day Sejan Jain Gale Ranch
The Mustard Massacre  Joey Mediati  Joaquin Moraga
8th Grade
Escape Shania Reynolds Foothill Middle
I Don’t Understand Lexie Burton Dorris-Eaton
I Don’t Understand Why  Curtis Haist Dorris-Eaton
Tears Spill Over the Edge Kiren Singh  Dorris-Eaton
Paul Rosemary Cook St. Catherine
Reality  Rosemary Cook St. Catherine
Rain Sydney Cook ?
The Cowboy  Claire Zasso Stone Valley
The Shadow Messenger Lexie Burton Dorris-Eaton
The Land of the Snowgeese Brianna Grace Contaxis-Tucker Windrush
Before and After  Emily Radler  Dorris-Eaton

Young Writers Contest Entries

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Lisa Park! Where are you? Send me an e-mail if you sent in a short story and this is your name. Tell me the title of the short story please. You forgot to enclose a form. You’ll never hear from us otherwise and you’ll think we are ignoring you . . .