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Encouraging Kids to Read and Write

With today’s budget cuts and emphasis AWAY from the arts and creativity in education, students need all the encouragement and motivation possible to nurture reading, writing and art. Studies have proven that the more students are able to communicate their feelings and thoughts through writing and art, their test scores improve, self-esteem rises, and their social skills are better developed.

Showing Kids That They Can Do It!

When I was a child, authors never visited classrooms or libraries. I was not given an opportunity to think I could become a writer. It wasn’t an option! We need to show kids that EVERYONE can be whatever they want to be with practice, work, and determination.

Inspire Kids about Reading and Writing

By inviting authors to your classrooms and schools, you’ll give children intangible rewards of inspiration, motivation, and the value of literature. Reading will be presented in a way that is fun and rewarding.

Liz amuses and involves kids with her love of history, reading, and creative drama in her presentations.

Support Your Local Schools and Libraries

Not with a school district or library? Support your local schools and libraries by donating your time, books, or financial support to help students become better readers and writers!

Author Assemblies

Grades 1 - 3:  45 minutes
Grades 4 - 6:  60 minutes
Grades 7 – 8:  60 minutes


Three Writing Secrets (Grades 3 and above):  60 minutes
Creative Drama & Literature (Grades K-2):  20-30 minutes

Comments About Liz's Assemblies and Workshops

"Liz Pentacoff's outstanding presentation was filled with enthusiasm which inspired us all. At this time of literary awareness and the push to get and keep children reading and writing, an author of her caliber will surely inspire young minds to read and try their hand at writing."

Pat McDermont
Monte Gardens Elementary

"Liz Pentacoff's presentations mirror her writing, for both bring a consistently new vibrancy to the field of children's literature. Whether speaking to children or adults, she senses each group's unique needs. These she then addresses with warm, insightful anecdotes, by reading relevant passages from her delightful novels, and through interaction with the audience. In so doing, she weaves a spell that draws listeners into the world of story."

Beverly Lauderdale
Creative Writing Teacher
Mount Diablo Adult School

"Liz has excellent rapport with the middle schoolers. She was a wonderful mix of enthusiasm and positive energy while providing excellent constructive criticism to our participants. Though the program was geared towards a specific age group, I felt her prompts, tips and tricks were inspiring to all ages up to adult. I also really appreciated her experiences as a professional writer--she let the kids know of several potential pitfalls of the publishing world and I think they liked how seriously she took them as writers. Whether the students were there by choice or encouraged to go by a teacher or parent, I felt certain that all 42 took home something meaningful and helpful from the experience."

Sarah Spindle
Ygnacio Valley Public Library
Walnut Creek, CA

"One of the greatest gifts I believe that I gave my students each year was Liz Pentacoff. She came to my classroom for 15 years to inspire students. Just rubbing elbows with her—a real author—was thrilling to them. They peppered her with questions—and got answers--about the life of a writer. She guided them through exercises and energized them, helping them to see themselves as writers and believe that they, too, could entertain and touch the lives of others through their words. With Liz, I gave my students what I wished I could have experienced in elementary school. Plus, she is funny, loves dogs, and maintains a website that students can access for updates and encouragement."

Johnna Laird
Glenmoor School
Fremont, CA

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